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We Are A family-Owned Business

MAX4 is a father-son duo; a business based on the principles of serving others & relationship building.

Together they are doing all they can to positively impact the roofing and construction industry.



Ray left Missouri in 2008 with his contractor’s license and headed for the coast to help with Deep Water Horizon. He was tasked with opening a claims office for a major adjusting firm in Key West, Florida. Two years into the BP Oil Spill, Ray and his wife Deborah, left Key West to settle in the Orlando area. From there he spent years working as an Independent Adjuster where he had the opportunity to work for some of the leading IA firms in the field writing for more than 35 insurance companies. 

Eventually, he became a Senior File Examiner and was in charge of training other adjustors, as well as reviewing and revising hundreds of claims each week. This is where he learned what insurance companies were really looking for and how they wanted it “written.” Ray became quite successful bridging the gap between the Insurance Companies, the Insured, and the Contractors. During this time, he soon realized he could have a greater impact on the industry by working directly with the Roofer/Contractor. He moved to South Carolina and begin working “in-house” on staff for a roofing company as their claims specialist.

In early 2019, Ray launched MAX4. This would be his way to clearly offer his specialized tools to the Roofer/Contractor. As the company grew, a partnership was formed between Ray and his son, Justin. Justin has a background in construction, account development & creative solutions. They are using their combined expertise, and skilled staff to establish MAX4 as an Industry leader.

Justin and Ray have a laser focus on bringing value to their customer’s bottom line. Today, the Lands are looking to shatter industry standards as their business grows.


The construction and roofing industry is filled with hard working men and women. Our goal at MAX4 is to help these businesses thrive by providing services that will maximize their efforts. 

  • Quality Estimates

  • Train The Contractor

  • Collaborate With The Insurance Companies

  • Honor The Owner

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