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  • What exactly is a supplement?
    A supplement is a charge or charges that need to be added to a claim for items omitted, overlooked, under paid or discovered after work begins.
  • How much do you charge?
    The better question for a roofer to ask is, "What am I paying for?" Or when interviewing a claims company ask, "What is your approval rating?" (Ours is 75%) If we are the best fit for your company, we will bring our years of experince working directly for insurance companies and all of our tools in an effort to help you achieve your goals. We have a simple 3-tiered fee scale. Residential, Commercial, and Hybrid (roof repair moved to full replacement roof). Please schedule a call and we will gladly send you our rates.
  • Why not just train an in-house employee to do my supplements?
    Good question. We get this question all the time. In our opinion, this is like asking your office administrator to be your in-house legal counsel. As good as your office admin may be, he or she is lacking years of experience and seeing first hand how the legal system works. Of course you can get certified online or take classes at a conference, but you will still lack the relationships and sheer claims volume companies like ours have amassed. This is exaclty why it's better to partner with a trusted claims company and let them remove the burden of supplements and claims management, so you can be free to accomplish what you do best! If you'd like further proof, or have a different opinion, we have a case study we can send you that will further explain why we have landed on this resolve.
  • Why is the industry turn around time for supplements typically 60-90 days?
    Great question. Why is it? (smirk implied here) There are many reasons supplements take so long. One big reason is that most claims companies have "stages" in which your supplement is introduced to a new department or person in the process. This creates a detachment from the supplement. For example... You, the roofer has put everything needed in a Customer's Folder, then you task your current claims company to "review for supplement" from your CRM. How long before the claim company starts on your claim, I'm not sure, but once it's funneled into their CRM it goes to someone at intake (your roofing rep). Then it's passed from the rep to the processor (or a writer). Then the writer sends it to finalize with the submitter. The submitter sends it to the desk adjustor at the insurance company. The desk adjustor replies. Or maybe they don't and the claims company must keep at it unitl they do reply. This can take 5-7 phone calls, several emails, etc. Now the desk adjustor replies and they have issues with the supplement. They want to only cover a small portion of the supplement. Now what...? Well, now the desk adjustor finally reaches back out to the processor. Then the processor needs to get with the writer to see if that's a "good deal" based on the pictures and info. After discussion, that claims company writer will reach out to the roofer's rep. Then the roofing rep will reach out to the roofing owner or the PM responsible at the roofing company. And the discussion ensues, "Is it worth fighting the insurance company..." Then it all funnels back to the insurance company. Meanwhile the roofer is stuck with the "build bill" until that supplement is approved. See where this is going.... This process is for the masses and not custom built by people who kow the process. Have you ever called your claims company and asked, "What is the status for Customer Name X?" and the rep has no clue or worse yet, can't even find your claim in the process. That's crazy. There's a better way. Our approach is different, once tasked, your supplement will never change hands. Your MAX4 Claims Specialist will receive it, write it, and see it through - all within the parameters of your CRM. And we will keep you updated with where your supplement is in it's process.
  • Why should I do supplements?
    "Now don't go supplementing me, trust me," says the Adjustor to the Roofer. How many times have you heard this? This would be like a doctor telling you to spend $50,000 on a surgery but don't get a second opinion. "Just trust me, it's accurate." We would never do that so why do it with a quality roof. We are all in this business to serve - by repairing and replacing - so we need to be good stewards of the process. One great way to do this is to hire a claims specialist. Someone who knows what, why, and how a roof should be supplemented. You should be paid for the quality of work you do! Give us a call if we can help.
  • Why do claims companies add so much to my supplement?
    It's a philosophy of writing styles. Often times, claims companies will add extra items to the supplement because they hope to at least settle on 20% of the 100% they wrote. However, insurance companies HATE this approach. It feels dishonest and shows a clear detachment from the actual Insured's roof. This kind of writer does not understand the process. Consider using a claims company that has experience working directly for an insurance company as desk adjustors in their past. This will give you an insider look at how the process works and what things will be and won't be approved by the carrier. Also they can tell you what pictures, codes, and pro tips you will need to present the best case for your supplement as a roofer. Treating the insurance company with respect and professionalism with a provable well built case has brought us great success!
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