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Maximizing Your Supplement


What is it?

The term supplement administration means overseeing and executing the entire process of writing the insurance claim supplement, submitting it to the insurance carrier, managing all the communication back and forth, and ultimately securing the approval.


Our goal is to remove the burden of supplements off your plate so you can be great at roofing which saves you time and makes you more money because we’re great at supplement administration.


What Others Are Saying:

"In 2019 we chose to do business with MAX4 Claims Specialists! It was an amazing decision. Within 1 year they generated $850k in LEGIT supplements for my business. I can't say enough amazing things about this company!

This was an unsolicited Facebook post from one of our growing business owners. He is a professional roofer that knows first hand the power of building the right team with the right experience.


The definition of a "supplement" is a charge or charges which need to be added to a claim for items omitted, overlooked, under paid or discovered after work begins.

Supplementing the right way takes work and a professional team committed to keeping up with codes, real-time pricing lists, updated carrier standards, and much more.


Our role at MAX4 is to remove the burden of supplementing from your shoulders so you can accomplish what you do best!

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