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How Can We Help


How We Get Involved

MAX4 has decades of experience in the insurance and roofing industry. We are highly specialized experts with a trusted voice in the industry.


We not only take the claims and supplements administration process off your plate and do it for you, we consult you on the how and why for things we do to make supplementing successful for you.


Our photo training is one of the core components of our consulting services. We teach you how to take quality photos of the right things that insurance companies expect to see which saves you a ton of time by not having to go back and forth to the job site to take more photos.


Another key element of our consulting services is our ongoing updates of the industry. We always have our pulse on updates and shifts in the game from rules and regulations to CRM enhancements, we keep you up to date. ​

Our background uniquely qualifies us to answer questions in the field of supplements and claims management.

Know This: 

If you don’t write the way a trained desk adjuster writes then it is a clue to the carrier you’re inexperienced in claims which gives them the upper hand.  

If there isn’t a photo, it doesn’t exist.” - All Insurance Carriers

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