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Every Photo Matters


Why You Need Better Photos

Insurance carriers are looking for specific information and thorough presentation. If you don’t have a photo for something then it doesn’t even exist to them.


Desk adjusters are trained to look for gaps in your information and build their case for approval or denial around the photos and supporting details you provide. So if you don’t have good photos then you’re wasting your time.


Learn to take photos like an adjuster! We know from experience what insurance carriers are looking for and how to get your supplements approved.

See For Yourself

Our roofer photo training involves a 45 minute-long, behind the the scenes look at what pictures to take / not take and why they are important. 

This is a free virtual training we offer to our clients. 


"If you own a roofing company, especially if you have a sales team, and you want to focus on clients and selling, just get on the phone with these guys, get partnered up and you'll never regret it!"


This review is from one of our valued customers and it really made our day! We win when you win.


One way we can help you gain an edge is by using our past experiences working directly for the insurance companies to train your team on the importance of every picture.

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