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How Long Should A Roofing Insurance Supplement Take?

Having cash flow is extremely important when you want to keep your business moving quickly.

But if your roofing insurance supplement approvals are lagging behind, this can put a damper on being able to close out one job and move to the next.

Let’s talk about realistic expectations on closing your roofing supplements.

What’s The Average Time for a Roofing Supplement Decision?

Typically, the average turnaround time quoted by most contractors and roofing companies is 40 to 90 days for residential.

In other words, it’s taking some roofers nearly three months to get their supplement approved and paid. And up to six months for commercial.

That’s a long time! Too long.

Yet, with as many moving parts which come along with building, submitting, and underwriting applications with the insurance company, it’s no wonder it can take the average roofer this long to get an approval.

We believe you can do it better, faster, and potentially make even more.

Where Time is Lost

Most of the extra time that insurance supplements take is held up by a lack of knowledge or poor processes. We help you eliminate lost time in two key areas.

Building the Claim

Many roofers spend hours taking photos and building the claim as best they can to get approval.

We provide on-site training to help remove your team’s unnecessary actions and create systems to collect all the information needed to get your claims approved.

We have had roofers cut the number of photos they take in half. Our streamlined systems allow them to get the information we need in our hands faster, and their claims are finished more quickly.

It also frees up our clients to spend more time getting new business instead of taking pictures and collecting details.

While there’s no substitute for gathering the pictures and information needed to piece together your claim, it’s probably as far as you need to go with hands-on work.

Using a roofing insurance supplement specialist saves you the time to form the application, create the Xactimate file, and research the measurements, materials, material losses, and other tedious line items.

Not only will we compile your supplement, but ensure everything is in good order, even before submitting the application, all while using your company’s branding.

The Back and Forth

We all know that submitting the supplement is not the final step. There’s typically a great deal of communication involved in clarifying information for the underwriting team before the insurance company can pay the claim.

This communication can be extremely cumbersome to deal with when you’re already working on the next job.

It’s also not just about answering questions or objections, but how you say it, how prompt you are in your response, and, let’s face it, what you say to reason with the underwriter, which gains their approval.

Our team is filled with people who previously worked for insurance companies. Not only worked for insurance companies, but have held management level positions at those insurance companies.

That means we can cut through the back and forth, give the underwriters the information they need, and communicate it in the way and words they understand.

Expect Better and Faster Results

Part of the territory of being a great roofer is insurance supplements - it’s just a part of the job.

But, there’s no reason you can’t outsource the problematic, time-consuming paperwork and communication to get better and faster approvals.

Would your business be better able to handle the daily ups and downs if you could cut the average supplement time in half (or even more)?

It’s not only possible, but at MAX4 Claims Specialists, we see it regularly.

We enjoy bringing next-level results in a faster timeframe. And not only are we seeing our claims come back faster than the industry standard, but our clients routinely are seeing a higher approval rate than what they might have received by doing the process on their own or with other claims companies.

Get in touch with us today, and we can discuss how a partnership will benefit your roofing business.

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As per my opinion, after 90 days you can call a roof repair company for inspection of the roof. At that moment, they can check the roof damages and fix it.

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