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How Roofers Can Save Time by Using an Insurance Claims Specialist

There is a significant amount of time a roofer can save by working with an experienced roofing supplement specialist.

Time that can be devoted to finding new clients, training new employees, and building your business bigger, faster.

Ways a Roofer Saves Time with a Roofing Supplement Specialist

The main ways a roofing insurance supplement specialist will save you time include:


At Max4 Claims we approach insurance supplements from the perspective of the insurance company.

To streamline the process we train your team on how to take the correct photographs and what to include in your supplement. Many of our clients have been able to cut the number of photos they take by more than half and reduce their time spent on the roof, at each job.


Every email and phone call you spend with an insurance desk adjuster is time away from building your business. Not to mention the frustration of missing an email or phone call and having the entire process delayed by a week or more.

An insurance supplement specialist will take that completely off your plate, saving you the time and frustration of all that communication and keeping the process moving at the fastest pace possible.


Training is a significant part of being able to write your insurance supplements. Whether it is training on tools like Xactimate, knowing the latest codes and procedures, or even which pictures to take, proper training can take a toll on your schedule.

On top of your own training you have to make sure that your employees also know the procedures and pictures necessary to get your supplements approved.

At MAX4 Claims Specialists, we train you on everything you need to know and then take care of all the rest. This includes an in-person training every six months for you and any employees that need it.

One roofer that switched to MAX4 told us he spent many hours and $6,000 getting trained and certified Level 2 Xactimate, just to realize he would never be as good at Xactimate as he needed to be. So he called US!

Supplement Writing

A simple supplement can take 45 minutes to write while more complicated claims can eat up as much as three hours. Throw in snack and bathroom breaks, and that could be half your day for a single supplement.

Why Choose MAX4?

At MAX4 Claims we take as much of the time wasting elements of supplement claims off your plate as possible, help get more money for each supplement, and free you up to focus on your business.

Our elite team of insurance industry experts can help you get the most from each claim and expand your business. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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