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What is Xactimate?

Xactimate is software, created by Xactware, used to estimate insurance claims. Designed for insurance adjusters, it aids in drafting insurance and supplement claims by recording information, diagrams, and costs into a singular automated platform.

Xactimate improves the process of restoration, end-to-end, saving users time and money from claim submission to job completion.

What is Xactimate Used For?

Xactimate is used for all types of property claims.

It’s a software which allows contractors and adjusters to draft detailed projects and their damages, as well as to generate estimates of loss so claims can be accurately measured, agreed upon, and paid.

With proper use and documentation, claims can be processed better and faster by insurance companies, with higher confidence of both damages and repair costs.

Claim submissions can be built to include detailed, itemized lists, diagrams of projects, and can be compiled professionally and efficiently with documentation, images, and other necessary resources.

How Does It Work?

The core function of Xactimate is to itemize costs attributed to the claim, specifically from inputs including:

  • Labor & Time

  • Measurement

  • Materials & Waste

  • Equipment Costs

  • Depreciation

Because Xactimate uses real-time pricing data, major insurance companies can use it to rely on more accurate estimates and to simplify their own claims and billing processing.

Don’t be mistaken, it is currently the standard for insurance carriers.

Those submitting claims can also be more concise with their estimates and draft them much quicker than doing it manually. Using the software in the field and in the office is easier than ever with Desktop, Online, and Mobile cross-compatibility.

This effectively speeds up the claims and supplement filing process for the contractor or builder and the claims paying side from the insurance companies and their adjusters alike.

How to Estimate a Project

There are four steps to creating an estimate with Xactimate and getting it properly built for submission to the insurance company.

Gather Information

Documenting the project details and scope are a critical first step to building your estimate.

Gathering as much loss information as possible will make adding your new project simpler and faster, and bring clarity to the supporting documentation.


Having a diagram for your project is crucial to showcase the extent of the claim, the scale of the loss, and, of course, its dimensions. This plays a critical role in evaluating the necessary materials and waste for the restoration process.

Xactimate allows you to construct diagrams for small projects, like:

  • Stairs

  • Decks

  • Rails

  • Common household features

It also works for larger projects, like:

  • Headings and footers

  • Entire floor plans

  • Roofing and exterior

Project Costs

Estimating the project costs in an itemized manner helps you to inventory what you need, and helps the claims paying party tally up the requirements and confirm the going rates.

This total will include your estimated number of labor hours, the cost of materials needed for the job, the funds needed for job-specific equipment, and more.

Xactimate’s up-to-date pricing database will help you easily extract the final value required for each item, and will compile them for a total needs estimate.

It’s drag-and-drop features allow you to make simple and quick adjustments to your project, and they can be modified at any time.

Review & Submit

Even if you’ve compiled the information offline, you can bring your mobile phone or laptop to sync your data and review it for completion.

Once you’ve got your project information, diagrams and supporting images, project costs and supporting documentation, you’re ready to review the project and submit the claim.

How Much Does Xactimate Cost?


The standard subscription allows you to choose which platform is best for you, between the desktop version, mobile version, and online version.

  • 1 Month - $255

  • 3 Months - $662

  • 6 Months - $1,121

  • Annual - $1,68


The professional subscription allows you access to all three platform versions so you can utilize the cross-compatibility of the software wherever you go.

  • 1 Month - $321

  • 3 Months - $866

  • 6 Months - $1,529

  • Annual - $2,370

What’s the Learning Curve for Xactimate?

As with any software, there is a learning curve.

There are several ways to get integrated quickly and many different YouTube video tutorials to help you along.

For a more structured learning experience, you can take courses from Xactware, if you don’t mind self-guided instruction.

If you are looking to get moving faster and would like assistance, MAX4 has been using, constructing, and even teaching Xactimate for years!

If we can help you in this process, please email us, and we’ll help you get your claims submitted with Xactimate faster than ever.

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