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5 Reasons Every Roofer Needs to Hire a Claims Specialist

As a roofing contractor, you have a lot of responsibilities.

You’re already trying to sell services, provide estimates, manage crews, and follow through with your clients on top of so many other things required to run a business.

You need to choose which business activities you’re going to do yourself and which ones you’re going to be better off getting help with in order to accomplish your goals and objectives.

Filing claims is likely not one of those activities you want to do.

Hiring a claims specialist can save you time and training, earn you more money, and get it back faster.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider hiring out the process of insurance claims supplements.

You Don’t Have Time

If you’re leading a growing roofing company, you simply do not have time to learn the claims and supplements specialty.

You might learn how to do it on some level, but let’s be real - you are an expert in roofing. You do not have time to be an expert in insurance.

It’s common for you to want to get more insurance jobs to grow the business.

If you’re like most, you quickly learn how the process works and how to submit claims, only to realize there’s a lot more to the insurance claims process and supplementing is going to be a necessity for long-term health of the company.

Trying to learn supplementing on your own or trying to hire and train someone in-house is cumbersome.

Save time by eliminating having to chase down insurance documents and responding to all the emails and phone calls yourself.

Why are you having to ask for claims status when it should be reported to you?

Training is Expensive

Training is expensive, and this is after purchasing the software you need just to begin.

Not only do we pay for Xactimate software, but we’ll train you based on over 15 years of experience, the certifications we’ve obtained over this time period, and even field jobs from being assigned to work storm renovations all across the country.

The only thing which might be even more expensive than the training itself is turnover because it includes training and all the other expenses of hiring and firing employees, too.

There are a ton of courses available for claims and supplementing, and each carries its own price tag. Some of them are good, others not so much.

  • How do you know you’re signing up for a good one?

  • How do you know if it has good information and is the right fit for you?

  • How do you know if the training fits into your culture and team?

It can be easy to waste a lot of money on training, hiring and re-training.

You could even spin your wheels for years before you realize what you’re doing isn’t as effective as you thought.

A competent claims specialist will train your team on what they need to know for the field and take care of everything else so you don’t have to.

Your Approvals Take Too Long

There is a reason the industry standard for approvals is a terrible 60-90 days for approval turnaround time: inaccuracy in the back and forth communication simply kills efficiency for all parties involved.

One little picture missing could affect the approval result by days, or even weeks!

A good claims and supplements specialist can help you get approvals in a fraction of the industry standard time.


By being extremely efficient at filing the claims in the first place and by knowing how to file claims precisely the way each insurance company expects them to be filed.

Our average from previous years was just 7 days when the industry was churning at a 40-60 day pace.

Experience and expertise is, and always has been, the difference maker.

Again, you don’t have the time to learn it all and it’s literally costing you float-time while your cash-flow is tied up in the claims process.

You Don’t Recoup Enough Money

The key to recovering more money is knowing how to document all your claims with photos and codes properly, and even the wording of the information you provide matters.

Throughout 2019 and 2020, we averaged about 11% additional income for our roofers (this number varies from one business to another). How would this affect your bottom line?

Look, the job of an adjuster is to approve a well-documented claim, but this can also imply the job of an adjuster is to deny poorly-documented claims.

Getting more money back from claims depends on how the adjuster perceives your submission.

If you feel like you’re not recouping enough money on roofing insurance jobs there’s a really good chance you’re not documenting your case well enough.

A claims specialist will.

You Need an Elite Team

One of our mantras is ”Elite teams get elite results.”

Wasted time and other inefficiencies will cost you money until you have an elite team.

We work with you on the parts of your business you cannot be an expert by:

  • removing supplementation from your plate.

  • bringing in our team to help yours.

  • adding additional profit to your bottom line.

MAX4 is an elite team of insurance industry experts in roofing claims and supplements. Contact us to see how we can help you take on insurance claims jobs and win.

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